Welcome to the Official Web Site of the Austin Healey Car Club of New Zealand  

Mark Donaldson and Bernie Huynen check out Ross Cammick's 1959 BN7 on a cold wet morning at Turangi during the Club's first rally over Queen's Birthday Weekend, June 1973


The Austin-Healey Car Club of New Zealand is one of the older Austin-Healey Clubs in the world. It was founded in 1971 by Mark Donaldson and before long, a small and dedicated nucleus of owners had been formed. In December 1972 the new club held its inaugural General Meeting and in early 1973 it became legally incorporated.  The Club now operates throughout New Zealand from five main centres (Auckland , Tauranga, Wellington , Nelson, Christchurch and Dunedin).

The Club caters for Austin-Healeys, Jensen Healeys and Austin Healey Sprites. Unlike many Austin-Healey clubs in other parts of the world, club members maintain a registry of both big Healeys and Sprites.

The club publishes a bi-monthly (January, March, May, July, September, November) club magazine "Healey Torque" which offers; technical tips, various contributions, for sale, bits & pieces, roundup of events (past and upcoming) and any other contributions that members wish to make.

Aims and Objectives

The Club was set up to provide for the needs of those interested in the Austin Healey marque, for activities, service and restoration support, promotion and sharing of knowledge and experience.  In practice, this now covers:

  • regular meetings and runs in five main centres of New Zealand
  • sharing information through bi-monthly magazine 'Healey Torque'
  • production and sale of regalia
  • a National Rally every second year at Easter
  • register of Healey's and members in New Zealand
  • promotion of the Healey marque

Additionally, through the many enthusiast members, there is a wealth of technical advice on all facets of maintenance and restoration of our magnificent Healeys.  Some members are active professionally supporting the Healey marque through restoration and/or parts supply.  Practically every model of Austin Healey is included in the club, including a 100S (AHS 3908) once raced by the late Ross Jensen.

In practice, while the club was founded to support the Austin Healey marque, Healeys of all types are welcome.  A Healey Elliott and Jensen Healeys have featured in events and we'd love to see a Nash-Healey or Silverstone!  Ownership of a Healey is not required to join the club and many members own 'humble' BJ9s (non Healeys) of every description.  All that is required is that 'peculiar' passion for the Austin Healey marque.  We encourage prospective owners to join the club first to avoid an expensive 'mistake'!

To achieve the aims and co-ordinate this activity the club is registered in New Zealand as an incorporated society and has an executive which is elected at an annual general meeting.